Sunday, May 22, 2011


Our little boy is now 1! What a bundle of fun-loving, squishy, smiling, curious, and constant joy Tyson has been since joining our family one year ago today.

Tyson has many fans and these are a few of their comments:

  • That kid is built like a nose tackle

  • He looks just like uncle Ron as a baby

  • I love those cute cheeks...I just want to squeeze them

  • He sure is a happy baby

  • He is the cutest baby I have ever seen

Tyson is a cheerful baby. Everyone leaves happier after spending a few minutes with him. He makes funny faces and smiles real big when one picks him up from his crib after sleeping.

My favorite Tyson experience...this is Erik speaking...comes at the end of everyday of work when I first see him...his eyes light up, his smile increases, and he makes a high pitched noise while reaching out for me. It gets me every time and makes me so happy.

We sure love our little "Grizz" (so named by his aunt Camille) and look forward to another year of adventures and laughs with Tyson.

One Lucky Cowboy

Have I told you lately that "I'm lucky"? I have had the wonderful privilege of being married to an extraordinary women for the past 5 years. Karen is a one of a kind mother, wife, friend and daughter.

To give you an example: Recently she organized and hosted a surprise birthday luncheon for her mother. She and her sisters plotted and planned ways to make this luncheon very meaningful to their mom by preparing her favorite foods (coconut shrimp, breaded salmon salad, bruschetta, pina colada drinks and creme brulle), putting together a hanging collection of photos from their mom's past, sneakily "borrowing" their mom's china to use at the luncheon, and organizing this far enough in advance so that one of their sister's who doesn't live locally could attend. From what I saw and heard about the event it was a smashing success and one memory that their mom will cherish forever because of the thoughtfulness of Karen.

We recently celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary with a trip to Leavenworth and Wenatchee. We enjoyed perusing the shops, soaking up the warm sunshine, talking in the car, horseback riding, taking photos, and just the opportunity to spend some time together as a couple without worrying about the kids (they were in great hands with my sister).

I truly look forward to spending the rest of my life with such an amazing individual.

I LOVE YOU KAREN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Tyson finally got his first tooth a few weeks ago. This week he has been learning how to crawl. He can successfully come find us and get into Trevor's toys.

Spring Craft

Can you believe it? I started and finished a craft project (in less than 24 hours too).
Thanks for the wood and cut outs Linda.
Is it even spring yet? If it's not, I'm ready for blossoms.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Indoor Slide

Karen's bargain finds on Craig's List (green slide and rock wall steps) have found a home in Tyson's room. Several design reviews and weekends of work later the finished product is ready for an all out attack by Trevor, Tyson (in a few months) and their rambunctious friends. Trevor and Tyson can now get some good exercise indoors when the weather isn't cooperating outside.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


My Pal Trevor

The beginning of my favorite part of the work day occurs as I am getting ready to exit my car after arriving home and the door to the garage hurriedly opens with my excited, talkative and huggable 2 1/2 year ready to give his daddy a great big hug! Trevor is a great little shadow and we enjoy working in the yard, going on bike rides and walks, watching football (Trevor was rooting on the Seahawks last week by saying: "Go boys, go boys!"), playing catch in the backyard, wrestling, making pancakes, running errands, and reading books. Trevor warms up my days at work by telling me via the phone all about his day at preschool, the movie or activity he most recently viewed or played, the status of his baby brother, and most recently by singing "Happy Birthday" to me. I look forward to our time together each day and thank our Heavenly Father for sending Karen and I such a wonderful, healthy and loving child.


There are times, however rare these days, when Trevor just wants his Dad to hold him close and comfort him. These times are precious to me as I get to hold him in my arms and be his comforter. It is during times like these that I reflect on the great responsibility I have to provide for such an innocent, trusting, and pure child. I hope I can always be there for Trevor when he needs comforting.


Trevor gets/wants to get into everything (as is evident by the picture above). He loves trying new things (Karen taught him how to spike a volleyball the other day and he loved it) like taking pictures, cracking open eggs, hammering nails, etc. His curiosity is usually very entertaining but sometimes nerve-racking.

The Usual

Trevor can often be found jumping on the trampoline, sliding down the slide (cleverly placed on the stairs by his mother), throwing balls, sword fighting, and when weather permitting riding his trike to the park. He is a happy and active little guy.

One of my favorite moments that happened a while back was the following exchange:

(DAD) "Trevor. You're the man!"

(TREVOR) "No Dad. You're the man; I'm the boy!"